Southerland Mattresses For Sale at Widmeier Furniture & Flooring in Dubuque, IA



Key Features

Zoned Coil

Zoned Reinforced Coils

The center third of the wrapped coil unit is reinforce with a heavier gauge for added support and durability.

Thermobalance splendor top

ThermoBalance® Cover

The cool-to-the-touch cover promotes moisture wicking and improves airflow resulting in a drier and heat reducing sleep environment.

Cooling premium layers

Cooling Premium Layers

Each foam and latex layer is designed to provide lasting comfort and support while promoting air flow and cooling benefits.

Copper infusion


Infusing copper into the natural latex results in a hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant, and mold and mildew proof sleep experience.

Thermobalance Layers

Thermobalance Layers

Available Styles

Thermobalance radiance


Euro Top Plush
Thermobalance splendor


Luxury Firm Euro Top

American Sleep

American Sleep logo

Key Features

American Sleep High Quality Core

High Quality Core

All beds include either high-quality wrapped coils or high-density foams creating long lasting support with increased edge-support.

American Sleep Comfort Lock Foams

Comfort-Lock® Foams

All foams are higher density than the industry average and use our Comfort-Lock® process to provide lasting comfort.

American Sleep Cool Dry

Cool & Dry

The cool-to-the-touch covers promote moisture wicking with improved airflow resulting in a drier and heat reducing sleep.

American Sleep 130 years

130 Years of Southerland

For over 130 years Southerland has been dedicated to making high-quality, affordable mattresses, build in the USA.


Euro Top

Hartwell ET 3 quarters
American Sleep Hartwell Euro Top Layers



Hartwell firm 3 quarters
American Sleep Hartwell Firm Layers


Euro Top

Florence euro top 3 quarters
America Sleep Florence Layers



Ellsworth Plush 3 quarters
American Sleep Ellsworth Plush Layers